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Inner City Index 2020

From the time that the first Global Power Inner City Index was published over a decade ago in 2010, the competition between cities to attract talent and business has continued unabated.

As this competition has intensified, so too has the need for global cities to differentiate themselves by identifying and capitalizing on their unique urban structures. Each of these global cities possess an “inner-city” area in which key facilities and services are concentrated, however the distribution of these facilities and the relationships between them differ. Newly updated, the GPICI 2020 aims to discover these patterns and examine the various relationships that exist between urban facilities, their locations, and the additional underlying data that might intersect them all.

The Institute for Urban Strategies has created a multifaceted webtool, the GPICI Explorer, that allows the user to not only explore the spatial distribution of indicators in 8 major global cities through an interactive map, but also combine indicators and filter them based on additional data points. With this tool, users are able to explore patterns that exist within these cities, as well as define their own areas of interest from which data can be downloaded.

We invite you to explore, analyze, and create your own findings with the GPICI Explorer.


*This tool is optimized for use with a PC.


Indicator Definitions

Indicator Definition Source
Skyscrapers Buildings with a height of 100+ meters. "Building Directory".
World's Top Companies Companies appearing in the Fortune Global 500 which also have their HQ in the target city. "Fortune Global 500".
Universities Universities ranked within the top 1000 of Times Higher Education's World University Rankings. "World University Rankings".
Theaters & Concert Halls Theaters, concert halls, and auditoriums used for live performances. "Tripadvisor".
Museums & Galleries Museums and art galleries (art-focused museums; non-commercial galleries or those emphasising public display) located in the target city. "Tripadvisor".
Stadiums Stadiums with a capacity above 5,000 spectators. "World Stadiums".
Convention & Event Spaces Convention centers and event spaces located in the target city. "Cvent - Venues".
International Schools International schools located in the target city. "Council of International Schools".
"International Baccalaureate".
"International Schools Search".
Embassies Embassies and consulates located in the target city. "OpenStreetMap".
"Plaza Homes - Foreign Embassies in Tokyo".
"Protocol Division Government Secretariat".
"Ministry of Foreign Affairs".
"Embassy Pages".
"Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Guide for Foreign Missions in Korea".
"Paris - Embassies and Consulates in Paris".
"Foreign Consular Offices in the United States".
Foreign Embassies in the UK".
"Google Maps"."
Hotels Hotels in the target city. "".
Michelin Restaurants Restaurants carrying a Michelin star rating, or awarded a Michelin Plate / Bib Gourmand. "Michelin Guide".
Shopping Centers Major shopping centers in the target city. "Tripadvisor".
"Google Maps".
Hospitals General hospitals providing a wide range of medical services. "OpenStreetMap".
"Blue Cross".
"Hospitals - London".
"New York State Department of Health".
"State of New Jersey - Department of Health".
"Le Guide Santé".
"HCI Directory".
"Navitime - General Hospitals".
"Newsweek - World's Best Hospitals".
"Ministry of Health and Welfare".
"Allianz Care - Shanghai".
Stations Railway stations (underground / tram etc) in the target city. "OpenStreetMap".
Airports Major airports serving the target city. "OpenStreetMap".
Green Coverage Areas with significant green coverage including trees, dense shrubbery, or grassy fields. "Global Forest Watch".
Cycling Paths Paths designated for cycling. "OpenStreetMap".
"Paris Data - Réseau des itinéraires cyclables".
"Cycling Data - London".
"NYC Open Data - Bicycle Routes".
" - Cycling Path Network".
"Bureau of Construction".

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