Comprehensive Ranking of 35 Global Cities

Release Date: December, 2011
336 pages, A4 + CD-ROM
Language: Bilingual (Japanese and English)
Print Edition (tax included): JPY 15,400
ISBN 978-4-905249-04-7

The 2011 edition of the Global Power City Index utilizes an extensive database comprised of data from previous year rankings up to this point to compare each indicator over years and see in what areas Tokyo and other major world cities are either growing or lagging. A more detailed look at these results will be presented in the “GPCI-2011 YEARBOOK” scheduled for publication at the end of 2011. It is hoped that these results will serve as a benchmark of the strengths and weaknesses which Tokyo and other global cities possess, and be utilized as a helpful resource in the development of urban policies and corporate strategies.

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