The First city-based Comprehensive Index and Ranking in the World

Release Date: October, 2010
328 pages, A4 + CD-ROM
Language: Bilingual (Japanese and English)
Print Edition (tax included): JPY 30,800
ISBN 978-4-905249-00-9

This book thoroughly analyzes and compares 35 Global Cities around the world in terms of their “Comprehensive Power.” 69 indicators in 6 functions composing cities such as Economy, Research and Development, Cultural Interaction, Livability, Environment, and Accessibility are all listed in Index Scores and Rankings for each city. Furthermore, Index and Ranking based on the factors demanded to the cities from the perspectives of the Managers, Researchers, Artists, Tourists, who are active in the Global Cities, and its Residents are listed. Analysis on the Strength and Weakness for the 35 cities are also listed individually, materializing the data to reveal the Power of Global City. This book would be useful not only for Researchers but Policy Makers and Business Stake Holders.

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