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Global Power
Inner City Index 2015

Fierce competition between cities is unfolding on a global scale. Each of these metropolises has an “inner-city” area, in which the city’s competitiveness is embodied. A number of city rankings already exist that measure the competitiveness of global cities. However, we have yet to see a city ranking that limits its scope of study and research to the inner-city areas of the world’s urban centers. Thus, the Global Power Inner City Index (GPICI) studies and analyzes the “comprehensive inner-city power” of eight of the world’s leading cities, with the purpose of uncovering their respective strengths, weaknesses, appeal, and challenges.



In assessing comprehensive inner-city power, we first categorized the key elements of inner-city areas into six functions, namely, Vitality, Culture, Interactivity, Luxury, Amenities, and Mobility. Next, we established 20 indicators with a particular focus on the concentration of urban functions in order to accurately assess the six areas.



The GPICI also sheds light on the spread of urban functions by plotting data for each indicator on city maps, thus allowing quick identification of the relative performances of the cities for each indicator.

  • New York
  • London
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Seoul
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai

As part of our analysis, the scores for all 20 indicators were tallied for both the 5 km and 10 km target areas and listed in order to create a ranking on the comprehensive power of inner-city areas.


■1-1.Population ■1-2.Buildings Over 100m in Height

■1-3.World's Top Companies


■2-1.World's Top Universities ■2-2.Theaters and Concert Halls

■2-3.Museums and Galleries ■2-4.Stadiums


■3-1.Convention Centers ■3-2.International Schools

■3-3.Embassies and Consulates


■4-1.Luxury Hotels ■4-2.World's Top Restaurants

■4-3.Luxury Fashion Brand Shops


■5-1.Large - scale Shopping Centers ■5-2.Hospitals

■5-3.Parks and Green Spaces


■6-1.Subway and Railway Stations ■6-2.Highways

■6-3.Airport Access ■6-4.Airport Performance





Based on the scores for all 20 indicators, deviation scores were also calculated for each indicator in both the 5 km and 10 km target areas to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the inner-city areas of each city. To know more about the GPICI, please visit Publications.


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